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Gannon jeff nude photo

  • 09.02.2019
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Whats up with Jeff Gannon? - the Data Lounge

Jeff Gannon, whose naked pictures have appeared on a number of gay escort sites, says that he has 'regrets' about his past but that White House officials knew nothing about his salacious activities.

A man called Jeff - AMERICAblog News

Nov 04, 2016  What's up with Jeff Gannon? I've also seen the militarystyle nude pics. I am also someone who found him attractive. I believe the stories of his affairs with W, and think Cheney probably had him killed. Again, if you know of him surfacing anywhere please correct me. The facts of this case are crazy, does anyone

Remembering Jeff Gannon/Guckert - Daily Kos

Nov 23, 2015 Even if Grosch is not really Jeff Gannon, seeing those photos of Johnny Grosch finally convinced me that something" creepy" is going on wthe case by Anonymous reply 10

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